Friday, April 16, 2010

My Special Chips

I loved chips. My growing, awkward, Junior High body craved them. But the only time I had them was at public events. So when someone brought name brand chips on one of our scout camp outs, I determined to save my lunch money and bring my own to the next camp out.

The purchase took place outside of my parents knowledge as they could easily confiscate them or at the very least lay forth a profusion of sigh's and quiet comments constructed to engender massive guilt. The chips were tucked away until we arrived at our destination. We unloaded, set up camp, prepared for the night. After our tinfoil dinners I slipped quietly away to the privacy of my tent.

That night, I lay nestled into my sleeping bag and ate as many Cool Ranch Doritos as I could possibly desire. My perma-grin couldn't be helped and I fell asleep licking my fingers without brushing my teeth.